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Nigerian Lady Gets N1.6m Job after she Gifted Man Plantain of N400,

A Nigerian businesswoman, Hope Osoma Okpuwara, has enjoined people to endeavour to show kindness after her kind-hearted gesture to a man fetched her a big job. Hope revealed how her kind gesture of giving a client plantain of N400 got her a job of N1.6 million.

According to the lady who runs a mobile kitchen, a man who had just been discharged from hospital ordered for oxtail peppersoup Along with his order, the kind-hearted entrepreneur added plantain of N400 and this act paved way for a big job through the man

In a Facebook post, the mobile kitchen vendor narrated that months ago, a man who had just been discharged from hospital had ordered for oxtail peppersoup.

Hope had enquired what he wished to be added to the delicacy to which the man responded that he didn’t know. In her own volition, she added semi ripe plantain of N400 along with the oxtail peppersoup and delivered it to the client.

The excited man appreciated her for the gesture with a promise to repay Hope’s kindness. “I sent the order and “ADDED SEMI RIPE PLANTAIN OF JUST N400″…… …. ..he reached out to me and was so excited and grateful for the fact that I thought it wise to add Plantain to his order. He said he doesn’t take it for granted and that he owes me…I told him he owes me nothing.”

The client linked her up for a big job Days after the incident with the client, Hope said he reached out to inform her that his office was organising a classy end of the year dinner party strictly for 250 staff members.

The man expressed desire that he would like Hope to handle the contract for the food of the occasion. Upon giving the company’s HR her quotation, the entrepreneur who expected them to negotiate price was shocked to receive an alert of N1.6 million.

She said: “The HR spoke to me and informed me I’m to whip up the menu as they have already heard so much about me and seen my catalogue on IG which has left them very impressed……. I gave them my quotation and was waiting for them to come bearing negotiations but I was in for a shockerrrrrr….this morning………..I just got paid for the job.

A simple act of kindness I did with just 400naira fetched me a job of N1.6m…please be kind to people.

Source: Legit News

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