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Some MEN Are Just Babies With Big Muscle

Some MEN Are Just Babies With Big Muscle“JackDaAlienz said.

I went to my uncles home for christmas holiday and what i experienced there was dissapointing

How can a GROWN MAN not control and enforce home traning on his 4 little kids.
He always leave everything for the wife, who is overwhelmed and is not doing a good job either. 

The worst part is that he will allow these kids to be awake watching tv till 12 am midnight while he will be playing video games.

If the kid misbehave, i correct them, they start crying loud and this man will always come out and defend them. 
He cant command his kids to go to bed, he always beg them.

A grown man begging his kids to go to bed..
And if you see how big this my incle is you will think he is ufc fighter but at home his children are the boss.

He always talks like he is smart but i feel PITY for him when these Children grow up to be mannerless cult boys, he will be scratching his head asking what did he do wrong.

Some men are not fit to be fathers
some of them are still Baby Adults that cant train their kids.

Source: Nairaland

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